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2023.02.24 | News

Joint-research group between Keio University and Grace imaging, Inc. announces the primary endpoint of an investigator-initiated clinical trial, assessing “lactate threshold” by a sweat lactate sensor, has been met

The joint research group of Dr. Yoshinori Katsumata and Professor Dr. Kazuki Sato (Institute for Integrated Sports Medicine, School of Medicine, Keio University) and Grace imaging, Inc. have been conducting an investigator-initiated clinical trial (jRCT number: jRCT2032220057), and have today announced the trial has met its primary endpoint. The trial verified the feasibility of estimating anaerobic metabolic threshold (AT: an important indicator when prescribing cardiac rehabilitation) by continuously monitoring sweat lactate levels using a sweat lactate sensor during cardiopulmonary exercise testing in patients with cardiovascular disease.


Press release by Shcool of Medicine, Keio University

jRCT (clinical trial protocol)