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2022.09.16 | Event

The 70th Academic Conference of the Japanese College of Cardiology

Our CEO, Dr. Nakajima, will be a speaker at the 70th Annual Meeting of the Japanese College of Cardiology (9/23-9/25 at Kyoto International Conference Hall). Please refer to the following link for details.




Panel Discussion 5 “Medical Device Innovation for Development of New Therapies for Cardiovascular Diseases”
Date: Sunday, September 25, 13:10-14:10
Venue: Kyoto International Conference Center, Room 1, Main Hall

 Yoshinori Katsumata (Center for Sports Medicine, Keio University School of Medicine)
 Shigeru Makita (Department of Cardiac Rehabilitation, International Medical Center, Saitama Medical University)

  1. New Option in Hypertension Treatment – Hypertension Treatment Assistive Application  
    Kota Satake (Japanese Red Cross Medical Center)
  2. Sleep tendency and its evaluation in patients with cardiac disease based on 5-step detailed sleep assessment using heart rate alone
    Yasue Mitsukura (Keio University)
  3. measurement of anaerobic metabolic threshold using a novel sweat lactate measurement wearable device
    Daisuke Nakajima (Grace Imaging Corporation)

 Atsuko Nakayama (Department of Cardiology, Sakakibara Memorial Hospital)
 Kensuke Takabayashi (Department of Cardiology and HCU/CCU, Hirakata Public Hospital, National Public Service Mutual Aid Association)