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2022.05.20 | Research

Provide “Sweat Watch” for an investigator-initiated clinical trial

We, Grace imaging Inc. is pleased to announce that it will provide sweat lactate sensors (investigational device name: Sweat Watch device) for an investigator-initiated clinical trial for heart failure patients to be conducted at Keio University Hospital.
The purpose of this clinical trial is to establish a new anaerobic metabolic threshold measurement in cardiopulmonary exercise testing for heart failure patients. For details of the trial, please refer to the following


  • New medical device in cardiopulmonary exercise testing in male and female subjects aged 20 to 90 years with heart failure: a correlation study of lactate metabolic thresholds determined by a sweat measurement device and anaerobic metabolic thresholds determined by an expiratory gas analyzer in cardiopulmonary exercise testing: a prospective single-center study(jRCT)