Grace imaging


2023.07.05 | Management

Announcement of Fund Raising

Grace Imaging, Inc. has raised a total of approximately 510 million yen in funding from 5 venture capital firms (Keio Innovation Initiative Inc., D3 LLC, QB Capital LLC, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co.,Ltd. and MEDIPAL Innovation Investment Limited Partnership (unlimited liability partner: SBI Investment Inc.), a CVC fund of MEDIPAL Holdings, Inc.). With this third-party allocation of new shares, Grace Imaging’s total amount raised, including previous capital increases, is approximately 740 million yen. Together with ongoing AMDAP grant, the funds amounting to 940 million yen will be used to promote the social implementation of sweat lactate sensor, the “visualization” of exercise, and activities to expand the possibilities of health by exercise.

For details, please refer to the press release.


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